July 28, 2014

Potentially Last Greetings from Santo Tomé

Hola hola hola.

Transfers are this Wednesday. Hermana Gunter and I still have not Heard from our leaders, so we have don't know what will be happening. However, we are both fairly certain that Hermana Gunter will stay here in Santo Tomé (because she is Presidenta de la Relief Society), and I will probably be moving to a different area since I have 12 weeks here in Santo Tomé


I'm going to Parana (close to Asuncion), Paraguay!!!!!!! My new companion will be Hermana Garcia (i think that's her name). aaaaahhh!

Last Friday we were out about a half hour walk from our apartment and we were trying to make some contacts. We were clapping at door after door, but nobody answered since everyone was sleeping for the siesta. Well, after a while, Hna Gunter realized she needed to go to the bathroom, and she needed to go to the bathroom NOW. Our clapping became more frantic as we decided to try and find someone who would let us use their bathroom. Luckily we found a house where the family was still awake, and they let us in. When we got inside, one of the boys who lived there looked a little shocked, and then started to laugh and laugh, and his girlfriend looked a little upset. I wondered why, and right before we left, they told us what had happened. Apparently, this young man had just gotten into a small argument with his girlfriend. She accused him of not paying enough attention to her; He said that she was too over concerned and jealous. They got to a point where the boy finally was so exasperated that he jokingly said something along the lines of "Fine! If you want, I’ll just have two blondes come keep me company if you don’t want to stay." Just then they heard us clapping at the door, and then they saw two young Americans walk in, one (being me) with blonde hair. The situation was comical to just about everyone but the poor girlfriend, who I think was stewing a little.

We are still making progress with Jorge! In just the space of a week he has improved so much, mentally and spiritually. He is able to focus more easily and hold actual conversations. He also prays willingly and powerfully. He told us that every time he thinks about smoking, the thought of the cigarette grosses him out. Hopefully he keeps going strong!

Sometimes missionary life (okay, more like all the time) can be hectic. There is so much to do, and there is a lot of pressure- sometimes I feel like I have to be going full force, full effort, getting everything done well, 100% of the time. But doing that just burns me out. I have realized that I need to be moderate in my time management and in my energy management. During studies today I found a scripture that I love in Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God." Sometimes I just need to take a step back take a moment to appreciate and remember all that God is and has done and will do. I am in His hands; He will take care of me.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Happy (late) birthdays to Bronx and Audrey!

Hermana Simmons

Yeah, timing here is messed up. Some days I think "holy cow, I still have fourteen months to go. I have been here FOREVER." But then other days I can hardly believe that four months have already passed by.

That's insane about the peso inflating so much (doubled in three years since Jaron was in Argentina as a missionary). There is a lot of unemployment here and people are struggling to get by, but being a missionary it's hard for me to understand the big picture since I can't watch or read the news. Now at least I know that it is a country wide phenomenon and not just Santo Tomé

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