July 06, 2015

More News

I don't really know how to send love or comfort in a letter, but I just want to say I love my family and I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan. Today I found out that Hayden and Hudson died in a helicopter crash together. Definitely shocking and upsetting news (both of which mean I was crying in an Argentine internet cafe). I guess all I can say is that I know that God loves us, I know that Jesus Christ saves us from death, and I know that we can be together forever as a family as we depend upon the Gospel.  

This past week with Hermana Cannon has definitely been amazing! She and I both had the same trainer, went to BYU before the mission, love al the bakeries here, and want to invite as many people to come unto Christ as possible in these next six weeks! She is super upbeat and outgoing. She only has 3 months here in the mission field, but she already speaks Spanish really well! We have also had a lot of fun working out together in the mornings! She did gymnastics at BYU, so I`m going to see if I can learn any fun tricks from her :)

Here in Barrio Jardin there is mud EVERYWHERE. I`ve worn my mud boots every single day. Sunday? I wore the boots to church and then changed into my nicer shoes.

Here is a lot more neighborhood-y setting. We are still in a city, but we have less businesses and more houses, which is nice. 

2 Nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." In this chapter, Nephi and his family have to abandon everything and move far away because Nephi`s own brothers are trying to kill him. But in spite of all this, Nephi and his family and friends are able to find joy. They find joy in working hard, in building a temple, in keeping the commandments, etc... I know that the only way to find true joy in this life is through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I honestly think that is what has changed the most about me in these past months. Serving God and just truly living the gospel to the best of my ability makes me HAPPY. It doesn't matter the things that I go through, God helps me push on and see the bigger picture. Trials and disappointments and sadness will all end if we put our faith in Christ and repent. He does forgive; He does heal; He does provide peace. I know that only through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ am I able to feel this goodness that I feel. This is happiness.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Simmons

P.S. I can't believe the news about Hayden and Hudson. But I do know that God is watching over them and has a perfect plan for them.

Saying hello to Hna Cannon and Barrio Jardin!

Saying goodbye to Hna Moreno and Barrio 2!

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