July 13, 2015


Yes, yes I did.

We were walking to an appointment with the Relief Society President to coordinate with her about the less active sisters that we visit. While waiting outside of her house, a dog started barking and snapping at us. This has happened to me my entire mission, and from experience I've learned that if I just ignore the dog and not threaten it in any way, it will leave me alone. Apparently that dog does not understand common sense. While putting my water bottle back in my backpack I felt a sharp stinging in my calf. I looked down and there was an ugly little dog (it wasn't even a big dog! it was a wimpy mutt, probably a maltese) hanging off of my leg! I shook it off and then we just walked away. I thought I was fine because the bite marks weren't very deep, but then we got home. When I took my tights off, I saw that he had broken skin and I had nasty blood dried on my leg. yuck.

Anyway, sorry that took up a whole paragraph. I just thought it was pretty fun that I have now had the stereotypical bad experience with dogs as a missionary.

This week we have seen rain every single day. Hermana Cannon and I have been walking and clapping at a lot of doors. It would be so easy to slack off in the stormy weather (especially since nobody wants to listen to us in the rain), but we want to be diligent and show Heavenly Father that we are doing our best! After a very long week with some excruciatingly long days, we got to Saturday. The weather unexpectedly cleared up and within a few hours we were able to get in multiple lessons! Then, on Sunday, our investigator showed up at church! Her name is Valeria and she is 18 years old. Right now she is living with her boyfriend because she fights a lot with her parents. But she understands the doctrine well and is very receptive and eager to learn more. Hna Cannon and I will be praying for her lots in these next few weeks!

Random thought- The other day I remembered back when we would lose something at home- a pair of shoes or maybe a book. We would look around and wouldn't find it anywhere. But then Mom would (without fail) suggest that we say a prayer to find the lost item. Within five minutes someone would always be able to recover what was lost. Now, instead of praying for lost shoes, Hna Cannon and I pray for lost people. Heavenly Father has so many children that are searching for the Gospel, and we just want to be able to find and help them! Thanks Mom for teaching me how nothing and no one is ever lost to God.

"Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation." 2 Nephi 22:2

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Simmons

hey look a dog bit me.

found this little guy in our shower. 
hna cannon refused to touch it so I had the honor of carrying him outside.

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