August 10, 2015

The Last Week

Not too much to say this week.

Hna Cannon and I have been working hard to prepare our area for this next transfer since I won't be here. We have been meeting a lot more with the ward leaders to figure out what we can do to help some of the less actives. We have also been working closely with the Rodriguez family as they have decided to work towards going to the temple before the end of the year!

I had my final interview with President LaPierre yesterday after church. He gave such good advice, and I am definitely feeling excited to start a whole new adventure (maybe a little terrified as well, but that's normal I hear). The plans for tonight include a dinner at the mission home, a testimony meeting, and lots of farewells. Tomorrow morning starts the long process of traveling home.

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father called me on a mission! It was definitely not something that I had ever planned to do, but I know it was the BEST thing for me. I know Heavenly Father loves us and knows us perfectly. His plan is to help us develop and progress and become better. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that through His atonement we can be cleansed and then filled with light. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon was written by inspired prophets for our day. I know that we can trust in the Holy Ghost to guide and warn us. I know that the temple is a holy place and that families can be together forever. I believe all these things and they fill me with joy. They fill me with a "hope of a better world," and with an excitement to learn and grow.

I love you!
Hermana Simmons

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